DigiMon project

DigiMon -  Digital Monitoring of CO2 storage projects is a ACT second call project funded by the national funding agencies in the period Sept 2019 - Aug 2022.

The overall objective of the DigiMon project is to “accelerate the implementation of CCS by developing and demonstrating an affordable, flexible, societally embedded and smart Digital Monitoring early-warning system”, for monitoring any CO2 storage reservoir and subsurface barrier system, receiving CO2 from fossil fuel power plants, oil refineries, process plants and other industries.

DigiMon organisation


Project manager: Arvid Nøttvedt, NORCE  
Deputy project manager: Kirsti Midttømme, NORCE
Technical manager: Marie Bueie Holstad, NORCE
WP 1 leader: Anna Stork, University of Bristol /Silixa
WP 2 leader: Martha Lien, Octio Env.
WP 3 leader: Hanneke Puts, TNO
Interdisciplinary package leader: Adriaan Slob, TNO

Steering Committee (SC)

Anne-Kari Furre Equinor, leader
Ane Bryne Berg, Repsol Norge
Athena Chalari, Silixa
Bjarte Fagerås, Octio Environmental Monoitoring
Sarah Eileen Gasda, NORCE
Mike Kendall, University of Oxford, (University of Bristol)
Pim Piek, TNO

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Marcella Dean, Shell
Poppy Kalesi, Environmental Defense Fund
Olav Barkved, Petoro
Kjetil Johannessen, Equinor

Quality Control Group (QCG)

Nick Riley, BGS
Emma ter Mors, Leiden University
                        DigiMon governing structure