Interdisciplinary event, March 2021

31.03.2021 15:37, Interdisciplinary event, March 2021

March 23rd, 2021, the WP3 team organized a second interdisciplinary event among all Digimon partners. In contrast to the meeting in March 2020, this second event had to be organized online. The team succeeded in offering an interactive and collaborative event in which the outcomes of the SEL national assessments were introduced and perspectives were shared on how to design the local SEL assessments (key research activity for WP3 team 2021). The objectives of the event were:
Creating a common understanding of the main societal challenges per country towards CCS deployment.
Sharing insights on the applicability of the SEL methodology for CCS
Exchanging perspectives on how the development of the Digimon system (WP1 and WP2) could best benefit from the outcomes of the local case studies (WP3)
Strengthening crosslinks between disciplines and WPs within Digimon.The evaluation of the event showed that all Digimon partners appreciated the interactive design of the online meeting and that they had gained new insights on the value of WP3 research for the technical design of the monitoring system.