DigiMon project background and status

01.09.2019 14:19, DigiMon project background and status

DigiMon is a project funded by ACT 2 Call  (Accelerating CCS Technologies) . The ambition of ACT is to facilitate the emergence of CCUS via transnational funding of projects aimed at accelerating and maturing CCUS technology applications through targeted innovation and research activities. 

The DigiMon project has an excellent match with the overall goals for the ACT initiative and is in accordance with the prioritized focus areas in the domain for ACT for the participating countries. The targeted work performed by the DigiMon project will develop and demonstrate an affordable, smart and flexible early-warning system to minimise the economic cost of monitoring CO2 storage, while ensuring safe operation of projects with social acceptance and at minimum environmental cost.

The DigiMon partners represent the entire value chain for CO2 monitoring. A  consortium with a well-balanced combination of leading research institutions and industry from Norway, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Romania and Greece is established. The consortium partners represent a broad spectrum of end-users (Equinor, Repsol Norge ), suppliers (OCTIOenv, Silixa, Geotomographie GmbH), applied research institutions (NORCE, CRES, UFZ, Sedona, TNO, LLNL) and academia (NTNU, UoB).

The partners are still in the process signing National Grant Agreements and Consortium Agreements