Report: Digimon communication platform and data standards.

DigiMon report D.2.6 is finalized. The report delivers an overview of relevant subsea standards with an overview of actual infrastructure and examples of use cases.

Collaboration with the main players in carbon storage is a key factor in achieving the goal of an accelerated digitized monitoring and early warning system. Using established technologies and standards from the oil and gas industry is important to achieve optimal technical solutions and further to keep the cost at an acceptable level. Established existing products with high TRL levels and solutions under development can thus be used in future data collection with a minimum of customization. Offshore carbon storage will be located remotely and will depend on on-site communication infrastructure. With access to local infrastructure, the last distance to various sensors for collecting CCS monitoring data should take place using established standards. It can be wired solutions with fiber or wireless connections to sensors in the area. There may also be autonomous units that are retrieving data from remote sensors. Data can then be uploaded from docking stations with standardized interfaces for communication and power delivery. Understanding communication infrastructures in use today and solutions that are under development through collaboration and standardization are of utmost importance to achieve Digimon's goals.