UK partners presented DAS studies from Antartica at Second EAGE Workshop on Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing

University of Oxford, University of Bristol and Silica gave three presentations on the DAS results from West Antarctica

  • Listening to Ice Sheets - Fibre Optic Cables as Seismic Sensors in the Antarctic (Keynote), J. Kendall, A.Brisbourne, T.Hudson, S.Kufner, A.Butcher, A. Baird, A.Smith, A.Chalari and A. Clarke
  • Radon transform-based detection of microseismicity on DAS networks: A case study from Antarctica. A. Butcher, T. Hudson, J. Kendall, S. Kufner, A. Brisbourne and A. Stork
  • Downhole distributed acoustic seismic profiling at Skytrain Ice Rise, West Antarctica. T. Hudson, A. Baird, J. Kendall, S. Kufner, A. Brisbourne, A. Smith, A. Butcher, A. Chalari and A. Clarke